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ABC’s Nashville and the Bible Belt of Authenticity

Religion Dispatches posted a piece on ABC’s Nashville, whose third season is unrolling this week, and the Southern roots and country music industry it has worked so hard to depict justly. Carrie Allen Tipton, though, argues that the show–for all its efforts–seems to have exchanged, or consciously excluded, the element that the rest of America […]

On TV: I Am Deacon Claybourne

This fantastic reflection on Nashville comes from our friend Stephanie Phillips: I have a confession to make: I still watch Nashville. I realize this hardly makes me a singular phenomenon; last week’s ratings indicate I was joined by five and a half million. The reluctance of my admission finds its basis in the direction the show […]

Rooting for Affairs: The Blurry Lines of Pop Culture Romance

This one comes from our friend Liz Riggs, a writer for The Wise Guise. Don’t most of us fundamentally agree that cheating, no matter what the circumstance, is wrong? That it’s dishonest and treacherous and infinitely disloyal? That it is the sort of indelible unfaithfulness that, simply put, changes everything? So, if that’s how most […]