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A Better Promise Than a Better You

The fall season has finally come and you know what that means? Football. Pumpkin spice everything. Apple keynotes. A few weeks ago, Apple, Inc. CEO Tim Cook took the stage to show off the latest generation of wearables and handhelds from the minimalistic tech company. This year’s crop of devices featured slightly upgraded internals with […]

Motivation that Works: Colbert Introduces the Pavlovian Fitness Band

Sadly, this actually exists (ht BFG).

Harvard Business Review on Motivation, Grace and Tossing Pebbles

An intriguing post appeared in the Harvard Business Review, “Whom To Pay Is More Important Than How Much or How,” that mentions some of the themes explored on this blog. The first attention grabber is the section on motivation: “It is important to understand the basics of motivation. The stronger source of motivation is internal […]