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Book Review: Kimm Crandall’s Christ in the Chaos: How the Gospel Changes Motherhood

I did not believe Kimm Crandall when she wrote in her recent book, Christ in the Chaos: How the Gospel Changes Motherhood, “This book will not weigh you down with another list of things to do but aims to free you by reminding you of what’s already been done for you” (14). Come on. Being […]

Mrs. Colbert’s Favorite Memory of Prayer

Very touching:

Another Week Ends: Recovering Francis, Present Shock, Silicon Valley Solutionists vs Pessimistic Germans, Internal Gutters, The Pull, iPhone Police and Steve Brown

1. Not knowing much (at all) about Pope Francis, maybe you were as pleasantly surprised as I was to read David Brooks’ irenic column about “How Movements Recover”, in which he articulated a philosophy and approach quite near and dear to this mocking-heart: Augustine [of Hippo], as his magisterial biographer Peter Brown puts it, “was […]

Merciless Momshells and Repentant Paparazzi (Or, Why I Love Jessica Simpson)

“Can a Mom Get a Break?” Janet Min asked in last Sunday’s NY Times. And the answer, of course, is a big N-O! As if the ever-escalating parenting crossfire weren’t enough, Min explores how our cultural Law of Skinny-Sexy has essentially revoked its, um, grace period when it comes to post-pregnancy. It’s a startling expose […]

Mothers and Daughters and Bears, Oh My! Pride and Expectation in Brave

Just in time for Independence Day, a wonderful (if spoiler-heavy) review of Pixar’s latest from resident animation guru Jeremiah Lawson. Have a great Fourth and we’ll see you back here on Thursday: Now in its 17th year of box office activity, Pixar may have entered into chronological adolescence, but the studio is far from becoming […]

Have It All, Ladies (and Gents)… Or Else!

A lot has already been said about Anne Marie Slaughter’s controversial cover story for The Atlantic, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”. Naturally, I hesitated to comment at first–do we really need another male point of view?–but as the debate raging around the article has shifted to somewhat more universal questions, e.g. what constitutes […]

Are Stage Mothers the New Tax Collectors? Toddlers, Tiaras and Dieting 7-Year Olds

A couple of notable new volleys in the parenting wars world. Doubtless by now you’ve heard about Dara-Lynn Weiss, the New York City mother who set off a firestorm by writing an article for Vogue detailing her, um, zealous efforts to curb her 7-year-old daughter’s eating habits. Apparently the poor girl in question was failing […]

Jealousy, Judgment, and Competition in Parenting

I recently stumbled across a fascinating article on entitled “Why Good Dads Make Moms Jealous.” It is a very interesting study on how the law (“you must/you must not ____”) affects and informs parenting, and even divides husbands and wives. One of the factors cited by all of the mothers interviewed for the story […]