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Another Week Ends: Secular Apocalypse, Holy Spirit Hits SEGA, Melville’s Bible, More A-Rod, Increasing Positivity, and Insights from The Canyons

1. First off, an excellent essay on Apocalypticism over at The Chronicle looks at the psychology behind end-times expectations and fascinations. There’s something endearing about a professed “secularist” having both a real understanding of Christianity and a penchant for pointing out how secular humanists fall prey to the same end-of-history temptations as Christians do (read: […]

The Best, and Only the Best (and the Rest of Us)

The MLB all-star game was last night. The big game, and the various festivities and events surrounding it (namely, the home run derby) have always been one of the memorable elements of America’s pastime. I’ve always enjoyed all-star games. There’s something to be said about seeing the most talented individuals of a particular sport perform […]

As Long As You Love Me: Impulsive Tweets, Indecision, and Longing for Absolution

The relationship between Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees is a drama-filled one. Earlier last week, A-Rod tweeted about his being medically cleared to play baseball again, after undergoing rehab for a serious hip injury. Yankees owner, Brian Cashman, wasn’t exactly thrilled about A-Rod’s impulsive tweet, and told’s Andrew Marchand that Alex should, […]

Can We Forgive Pete Rose?

ESPN Films is bringing back the acclaimed 30-for-30 series, which we’ve written about before, and is augmenting it with a series of web shorts.  These are stories that they feel are interesting and under-reported, but don’t really work in the standard hour-long format.  Here’s the premiere film (it’s eight minutes long), about Pete Rose: As […]

Top MBird News Pieces of 2010

In the age of the 24 hour news cycle, here are my picks for Mockingbird’s Top News Stories of 2010 10) The Rent is too Damn High, November 2010 Jimmy McMillan, candidate for Mayor of NYC, has found the solution to all of New York’s problems. The rent is just too damn high. Take the […]

Grace for Mark McGwire?

As the World Series is set to begin, the biggest story in baseball isn’t the Phillies quest for a repeat title or the resurgence of A-Rod and the Yankees, but it’s the return of Mark McGwire to baseball as a hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals. As expected, many fans are crying foul. Next […]