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Conference Preview: Encountering the Gospel in Worship

The following preview comes to us from Alex Mejias of High Street Hymns who will be leading a breakout session Friday morning entitled “High Street Hymnody: Encountering the Gospel in Worship”. For more info about the fantastic work that High Street Hymns is doing, go here. To register for the conference, here.  “They [the righteous] […]

Michael’s Michael

So today marks the release of Michael Jackson’s first “real” posthumous record, Michael, and the verdict is predictably mixed. It’s certainly not the tour-de-force he was rumored to be working on in the years leading up to his death (high profile collaborations, for example with and Ne-Yo, are nowhere to be found), but it […]

Another Week Ends: Seminarian Plagiarism, Disney’s Decline, DCAU, Mad Men, MJ

1. Our Pensacola mini-conference is underway! If you live in the area, don’t be afraid to drop in unannounced… We would love to see you. And those of you that don’t live in the area, don’t be afraid to say a prayer in support. 2. An unsettling firsthand account of professional plagiarism over at The […]

MJ Breaks The News

Old news by now, but slightly dated beat aside, it’s a fantastic tune, and a great blast of vintage MJ-victimhood spleen-venting:  True, it may not be for us to know the times or dates the Father has set, but occasionally we catch a glimpse: only 34 days until MICHAEL is released! [Click here to watch part […]

When The Jackson 5 Covered Jackson Browne

Sometimes a really bad idea can be a beautiful thing. It can even be inspired. Take, for instance, David Bowie doing Little Drummer boy with Bing Crosby in 1977. Or Bob Dylan doing a Christmas album (and a Victoria’s Secret commercial) this past year. Left-field career-killing moves are nothing if not fascinating. Another prime, but […]

Michael Jackson, R.I.P.

This is a very, very sad day. In tribute, here’s something we ran last year, celebrating his work in the 90s. He will be deeply missed: Michael Jackson has been back in the spotlight this past month to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Thriller. He’s riding a wave of nostalgia powerful enough, it would seem, […]