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5 Golden Themes (Again)! What We Loved (and Loved to Analyze) in 2013

Well, well, well. Here we go again, 2013 edition. 1) The Religion of Food. Well, as we might have said last year, and the year before that, it seems the foodie is here to stay. Of particular interest this year was the spirituality of food–things like Jay Z and Beyonce joining arms with the 22 […]

Miley Cyrus, Socrates, and Life as Imitation

This comes from Mockingbird friend Chelsea Batten. You can read more from her here. Everyone’s mad at Miley Cyrus, and not for the reason you think. Well, no, it is for the reason(s) you think. But also for some new reasons. The little darling has made herself a whole new group of enemies with the […]

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Broken Miley

Another terrific reflection from Sarah Condon: I am intrigued by the response Miley Cyrus’s performance got at the VMAs last Sunday night. The sort of moral backlash I’ve seen on social media is pretty wild. People at all ends of the appropriateness spectrum are scandalized. I keep wondering: Were we offended by the act itself? […]

Don’t Worry, Just Dance!: The Songs of Summer ’13

Summer is always an amazing time for music, and this year has been no exception, with several notable releases. Usually there’s a single track that is unofficially crowned “the song of the summer.” It’s that one song you can’t escape. You hear it on the radio all the time and you can’t get it out […]