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Cartoon Nostalgia, Cartoon Revolution, Part 2: Let Us Now Praise Famous Toys (Transformers and Beatles)

More than meets the eye time! We now bring you part two in our new series on nostalgia and cartoons (and a whole lot more) from Jeremiah Lawson aka Wenatchee the Hatchet. For part one, go here. Who knew Transformers were such an overt expression of Reagan-era sensibilities? Certainly not me – I was always […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: Another Top Ten

The Top 10 Sneaky-Good Flops of the ’00s These are movies that “flopped” at the box office (i.e. made less money than was spent to make them). Some were spectacular flops, and some only barely missed making it out of the red. However, I really liked them all. Usually, financial flops that people like are […]