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Robert Downey Jr, Mel Gibson, and the Idiot Forgiveness of God

No idea how I missed this when it aired a couple weeks ago, but BRAVO! We all know about Mel Gibson’s considerable trespasses of the past few years – vile stuff, to say the least – depending on who you ask, he might have even committed an unforgivable sin (or three). So Downey Jr’s speech […]

I haven’t figured out yet whether this website is a spoof or not, but all satire aside, take a second to check out Developed to assist people with their various New Year’s resolutions, or those just stuck in life, the website is a collection of the best-of-the-best in inspirational pop culture. Everything is here: […]

Mike Tyson on Mel Gibson

You may have heard that the planned Mel Gibson cameo in Hangover 2 has been reneged in what appears to be some kind of a Hollywood disciplinary gesture (!). Well, our beloved boxing champ and Hangover star Mike Tyson has officially added his name to the list of dissenters, saying: “I’m not going to ever […]

A Prayer for M. Night Shyamalan: God DOES Exist!

My favorite novel of all time is A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving (maybe best known as the author of The Cider House Rules or The World According to Garp, which were both made into better movies than the atrocious Simon Birch, the Meany adaptation. In fact, I can’t close this parenthesis without […]

Another Week Ends: Christian Kung Fu, Calvin and Hobbes, Luther, Mel Gibson, Muppets, FNL, Dollhouse

1. An article in The New York Times this week about “Where Feet, Fist and Faith Collide”. A number of Evangelical churches have turned to martial arts as a means to reach out to disaffected young men. While I certainly applaud the efforts of churches to engage with the widespread and tragic “fatherlessness” epidemic, I […]

Drunk and Interesting: Human Nature?

“Things are getting interesting…” This ad campaign FASCINATES me. The image to the right graces a billboard in Jersey City that I see all the time. Commuters from Jersey to NYC see it just before they get to the Holland Tunnel. The first time I saw it, the message blew my mind. It seems to […]

Mel Gibson: Hypocrite?

I read an article today on entitled: “Hypocrisy, thy name is Mel Gibson,” and, while it’s a witty title, I thought it brought up an interesting anthropological point: we are all hypocrites. Personally, I am a huge fan of Mel Gibson. Braveheart is one of my top 5 five movies of all time. I […]

Post-Apocalypto: The Last Man on Earth… on Screen

We are living in ominous times. Or so Hollywood tells us. It’s true though – impending doom has become a fixture in our political and cultural discourse as of late. The natural disasters of the past few years probably have something to do with it, as does the economic downturn, or you could just chalk […]