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Performance, Death, and Grace in Sing

Buster Moon desperately wants to save his theater… and himself. When he was a young koala, his parents took him to see a stage production in which a sensational Suffolk sheep named Nana Noodleman (voiced by Jennifer Hudson) sang about ‘finding a way home’ and ‘carrying a weight’ as she gracefully performed an operatic rendition […]

The Promotion You Need But Can’t Get: The Longing to “Fail Up”

The Atlantic is throwing around a new term for the McConaugheys, Kutchers, Kiffins in all of us. “Failing Up” is the phenomenon in high-risk, high-dividend vocations (movies, professional sports, even investment banking) where a history of mediocrity actually, sometimes, pays off. As opposed to traditional mythologies of progress that tie improved paychecks to improving performance, […]