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Memoirs of a Geisha’s Hairline and the Halftime Show

The Prohibition, not the Lusciousness, Lures Us to the Forbidden Fruit

Damaged Goods, Law/Gospel Confusion, and the Elusive Meaning of Love…

Sometimes I’m thinking that I love you But I know it’s only lust The sins of the flesh Are simply sins of lust… – Gang of Four, “Damaged Goods” The popular 80s song declares, “I wanna know what love is.” We all want to know what love is. More specifically, we want to know what […]

Lust, Love, and the Gospel According to Kendrick Lamar

A standout at this year’s turbulent VMAs, Kendrick Lamar performed a moving show and won several prestigious awards. Here’s a reflection on his latest album, written by Mocking-friend Sam Guthrie.  Turning on Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album DAMN. is like tuning into a boxing match. You don’t just listen to single songs; you experience the […]

People in Utah Aren’t Lusty?

You might think so, according to the picture at left. Here is a study by Kansas State University that claims to distribute the prevalence of the seven “deadly” sins geographically in the United States. My sister, the brilliant Emily Lannon, suggests a different graph, pictured below and right. Be sure to check out all of […]