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The God of Seven Buses

I recently started reading Gregory Boyle’s excellent Tattoos on the Heart, a memoir of his powerful ministry in Pico-Aliso, a low-income area in L.A. dominated by gangs. So far, it’s full of incredible stories about the action of grace upon those who had spent years cultivating facades of toughness and independence, almost as a matter of survival. Boyle, […]

(Not Another) Christmas in LA

What do you get when you throw Owen Wilson, Harry Dean Stanton, Dawes, and The Killers into an animated Warren Zevon-shaped (eggnog) blender? You get “Christmas in LA”, this year’s Christmas single from The Killers, and another entry in their immaculate seasonal catalog. As great as the song is–the perfect mix of the Vegas band’s wonderfully overblown Pet Shop Boys-meets-Springsteen sugar rush and Dawes’ Asylum Records-meets-Big Pink-isms–the video makes it even better, especially Harry Dean Stanton’s opening salvo. “Kind of takes the pressure off,” indeed:

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30 for 30: Marcus Dupree, Theologian of the Cross

The crown jewel of the brilliant ESPN documentary collection, 30 for 30, has to be The Best That Never Was. At least for me. The documentary chronicles the life of Marcus Dupree, perhaps the greatest running back ever in high school football. Dupree was the center of the most heated recruiting frenzy in the history […]

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Home

Paul McCartney was dead-on, ‘Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs / And what’s wrong with that? I’d like to know…’ I say this because I have been unable to stop listening to a particular love song since hearing it for the first time yesterday (thanks to NPR’s ‘All Songs Considered’). […]