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Upending the Bird (and Sleepless Newborns)

Another humdinger from Ginger M: On New Year’s Eve night, my husband and I hosted two other couples for dinner. In my husband’s family, it has been a New Year’s Eve tradition for all dinner guests to come with a question to ask to the table, preferably one pertaining to the previous year. “What was […]

Mary Karr, Mini-Lives, and News From Across the (Human/Robot Divide)

Reading Mary Karr’s fantastic memoir Lit, one quote in particular stuck out to me as beautifully describing a tendency we humans have to fall into more limited emotional ranges: …anything worth doing could be undertaken later. Paint the apartment, write a book, quit booze, sure: tomorrow. Which ensures that life gets lived in miniature. In lieu […]

Donuts and Engine Coolant By the Side of the Road

Another incredible and seasonally appropriate section from Mary Karr’s Lit, her memoir about getting sober (and many other things). Dev, it should be noted, is her son. Talk about broken vessels. We are beyond excited and honored that Mary will be joining us at our upcoming conference in NYC (4/18-20): Prayer isn’t patching up the […]

Alcoholic Prayer, Schizophrenic Counselors and the Nazareth Principle

Another wonderful section of Mary Karr’s memoir of addiction and recovery, Lit, tells of how God chose to speak profoundly to her through the mouth of a total nut (and fellow addict). Obviously the Bible offers great precedent for this kind of thing (what we like to call The Nazareth Principle), but it’s nonetheless remarkable […]

Mary Karr on Resurrected Dislocation, God’s Voice and Flame Throwers

A few more excerpts from Mary Karr’s wondrously wise Lit: A Memoir, ht JZ: “If you live in the dark a long time and the sun comes out, you do not cross into it whistling. There’s an initial uprush of relief at first, then — for me, anyway — a profound dislocation. My old assumptions […]

Mary Karr on Tin Cups, Mirrors and Prayer’s Relief

Two phenomenal quotations from the phenomenal Mary Karr. The first one comes from the unbelievably great essay “Facing Altars” which is included in her poetry collection, Sinners Welcome, ht PW: People usually (always?) come to church as they do to prayer and poetry—through suffering and terror. Need and fear… The faithless contenders for prayer’s relief […]

Mary Karr Discusses "Lit"

This one comes to us by way of MB contributor Emily. I think it’s safe to say that Mary Karr is a fellow Mockingbird, whether she knows it yet or not! Her life story reminds me of another MB favorite, Brennan Manning (author of “The Ragamuffin Gospel”), of whom it’s been said that the Lord allowed him to walk through dark valleys so that he could later lead others to the Light.