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Where Coach Mosley’s Compassion Comes From

Two updates to Friday’s weekender and the unfolding saga of Netflix’s amazing Last Chance U: Basketball series.

1. If you’re not convinced to take the plunge yet, here’s a clip of Coach John Mosley talking about faith and ministry during a live Q&A this past weekend, in which he and his assistants also predicted the outcome of Monday evening’s NCAA championship game. Genius:

2. If you’ve finished the series, check out this touching update to the Joe Hampton story.

P. S. Couldn’t be more excited to announce that Coach Mosley will be joining us via Zoom for a session at the upcoming Mbird Tyler Festival (May 6-8)!! Be there or be square. Full schedule coming later today.

Everybody Touch Somebody: Glory & Grace in Last Chance U

The very first shot of the second season of Netflix’s documentary series Last Chance U shows a hot Mississippi sun peeking out through trees. The second shot is of a small church near the rural town of Scooba. The third shot is also of a church, while the audio of a preacher addressing his congregation […]