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The Mercilessness of College Football’s Win-Now Age

What an interesting time it is for college football. Lane Kiffin and Paul Pasqualoni were fired from their jobs last week–Kiffin from USC and Pasqualoni from UConn–after only three years of coaching. After The University of Southern California suffered a loss to Arizona State this past Saturday, Kiffin was let go. Finishing his career at USC with […]

The Promotion You Need But Can’t Get: The Longing to “Fail Up”

The Atlantic is throwing around a new term for the McConaugheys, Kutchers, Kiffins in all of us. “Failing Up” is the phenomenon in high-risk, high-dividend vocations (movies, professional sports, even investment banking) where a history of mediocrity actually, sometimes, pays off. As opposed to traditional mythologies of progress that tie improved paychecks to improving performance, […]