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Lancaster Conference Audio Files: Grace, Peace, and Personal Survival for the Preacher

Several weeks ago in June, when this old world was just slightly younger, some of the Lord’s own rabble met in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for Mockingbird’s first ever conference for pulpit-lurkers: “Grace, Peace, and Personal Survival for the Preacher”. It was not a terribly large group, but the food and wine were plentiful, and the talks and questions and observations from accumulated years in ministry were graceful and moving, not least to this first-time conference organizer.

Some thanks are in order, for those whose efforts made the event possible. Bruno’s and Upohar, our caterers, outdid themselves, as did Gesino’s Italian Specialty Foods, our wine supplier. The staff at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church were outstanding, and remarkably patient with the odd requests of their strange associate pastor. Our attendees – all of them – contributed mightily to the event. Everyone got a chance to be heard, and to lift one another up.

Our conference chaplain, Kyle Tomlin, gave three wonderful devotions, two of which were recorded and are posted here. Rob Myallis (who once taught David Zahl to pronounce ‘Forde’) gave a fantastic talk on why church administration is like sex, but it involved so much back and forth that the recording simply couldn’t capture the spirit of the thing, so you’ll just have to imagine it. Tasha Genck Morton blended Game of Thrones and The Good Place into a beautiful meditation on death and ministry. Nick Lannon, true preacher that he is, spoke powerfully about his inability to dunk a basketball, and about compassion. I offered some words about heroes, our inability as preachers to finish the job, and the Word who brings all things to completion. Mark Tranvik, our keynote speaker, gave two superb talks on Luther, the doctrine of vocation, and the peculiar vocation of preaching the Word. Listen and enjoy.

All presentations are available to stream and download on our Recordings page, as well as The Talkingbird podcast feed.

Please note: As always, the recordings are offered free of charge. Those who were not able to be there in person might *consider* making a donation to help cover the cost of the event.

P.S. We’ll be off over the holiday weekend, resuming normal blogging on Monday. Happy 4th!

Another Week Ends: Unfunded Mandates, Orthosomnia, One-Star Yelp Reviews, Lancaster Love, the Creation of Forky, and the Fastest Growing Religion in America

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“We Are Them: Compassion as the Life-Blood of Pastoral Ministry”: A Conference Preview from Nick Lannon

This preview for our upcoming conference in Lancaster, PA, was written by Nick Lannon:

Compassion, both for our congregations and for ourselves, is perhaps the most important thing for pastors to develop, protect, and remember. It provides the medicine that will keep our ministries alive, and its absence will destroy them. It is only when we see our people—and ourselves—as basically (and always) in need that we can serve them—and ourselves—in an enlivening, Gospel-rich way.

Join us June 11-13 to discuss pastoral ministry, grace in practice, and other related themes at the fast-approaching Mockingbird conference in Lancaster, PA! You can find more information about speakers, accommodations, meals, and more by visiting the conference website here.

Note: In order to get an accurate count for meals, we need all registrations by June 7th. Hope to see you there!

What Do We Say to the God of Death? When Ministry Forces Us to Answer “Today”: A Conference Preview

Below is a preview for our fast-approaching Mockingbird conference in Lancaster, PA (June 11-13). This particular conference aims to minister to those who minister—though all are welcome. Do register promptly so we can be sure to know you’re coming! The following sneak-peek comes from speaker Tasha Genck Morton:

For those who don’t speak Game of Thrones, the answer to the question, “What do we say to the God of death?” is a very inspiring, “Not today!” But ministry and life force us to say “today” over and over again as parishioners, family, and friends die. Facing death on a regular basis seems to demand that we who are left live better and fuller lives than those who went before. Every death whispers “earn it” to the living. In this session, we will explore what the Gospel has to say to us in the face of the impossible demands of “near death experiences.” Heads up: major spoilers will be discussed for perennial Mockingbird favorite TV show The Good Place, so what are you waiting for? Watch it!

Register today for Mockingbird in Lancaster, PA!

“Grace, Peace, and Personal Survival for the Preacher”: An Mbird Conference in Lancaster, PA (6/11-13)

Excited to announce our (fast!) approaching Mockingbird conference in Lancaster, PA, hosted at the historic Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. With its theme—“Grace, Peace, and Personal Survival for the Preacher”—this intimate, impromptu conference aims to minister to those who minister. But of course all are welcome, not only preachers. Topics may include: family life, isolation/conflict, church […]