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And the Least Shall Be the Greatest: Royal Résumés and Social Equality

This will be the first post of a short series exploring the theme of God’s particular preference for what seems small, crude, or inadequate by worldly criteria. Today, we look briefly at the account of David’s selection as king from 1 Samuel 9-16: After the Israelites first abandoned the notion of God as king of […]

Kerouac, Tolstoy, and The Egyptian — Lenten Reflections

In Paul Zahl’s remarkable recent piece on the 1950s film The Egyptian, he puzzles over Jack Kerouac’s wild hatred of the film, especially as (PZ notes): “The title character, take away the toga, is [Kerouac] himself.” Perhaps the puzzle contains its own key? I defer to PZ here — since by far he’s our greatest […]

MATM: King Lear and The Dresser – Time To Abreact

To make up for lost time, we’re posting two Mockingbird At The Movies columns this week. The first one comes to us from John “Stampdog” Stamper: Paul Zahl’s talk at the Mockingbird conference this past weekend was about “abreaction” in art. In movie language we call these tearjerkers. PZ explained to us that at the […]