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Wash Your Hands, You Sinners

This one comes to us from Kate Campbell. I just returned from a five-day trip to the Dominican Republic where I was visiting a missionary who is planting churches in the farthest mountain villages of the country. The trip was an amazing adventure — I spent hours in a pickup truck on a bumpy dirt […]

I Am Not a Morning Person

This one comes to us from Kate Campbell. It’s no secret to basically anyone who knows me that I am not a morning person. No matter how many different schemes or habits or alarm clocks I have tried, I have never successfully established a morning routine. I am 100% a night owl — that’s when […]

The Flabbiness of Grace; or, How I Found the Gospel at a Pure Barre Class

This contribution really raises the barre. By Kate Campbell: On a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon I ventured out of the warmth and safety of my home and headed out with two friends to a new destination. Upon arrival, we were greeted by name-tagged women with perfectly made-up hair and faces, who swiftly presented us with […]

The Brake Fast Club: Low Anthropology in Defensive Driving School

This one comes to us from Kate Campbell. I wake up early one Saturday morning and drive over to the tiny strip center where my day’s worth of self-imposed detention awaits me. When I walk into the office, a home-makeover show is playing on the tiny TV screen. A stocky man at the front desk […]