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Another Week Ends: Christian Neurotics, Shrieking Children, Grunge-Love, Steve Jobs, and Idiot Brothers

At week’s end, despite the continued reverberations, ironic photo blogs, and miraculous happenings, all is still in post-quake Central Virginia! The Mockingbird offices remain in functional tact… 1) Over at First Things, and similarly confronting the stigmas of mental health as discussed in an earlier post this week, “The Christian Neurotic” ponders “neurosis” and its […]

Karl Marx And The Human Condition

I was reading a bit about Marx last evening and was struck by his assessment of life as essentially tragic. He could not be more right. However, his view that the church’s worship is a ruse (an opiate for the masses), was his greatest blindness. Religion, as far as Marx was concerned, is merely a […]