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Sittin’ in a River of Changing Faces, But I’m Lookin’ for an Ocean: What Joni Mitchell Taught Me About Love

This post comes to us from Sarabeth Weszely.  We were lying on her bed, on our backs like we were stargazing, but we were only looking at the ceiling, with glasses of her parents’ wine held precariously in our hands. And Joni was there too, singin’: You’re in my blood like holy wine Taste so bitter […]

Waning Thoughts on the Waning Year

As if you haven’t read enough year-end lists, I offer you a few thoughts. Best personal experience:  Adding the fourth member of Team Stokes, Lucy Carpenter, who arrived on the ubiquitous date of November 11, 2011.  Gentleman beware:  She will be reared on a steady diet of Jane Austen and Emily Dickinson, and I’m giving […]