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Overcoming Unbelief: John Updike on Feathers and Faith

Fusty Churches, Creaking Hymns, and Revived Faith

Another Week Ends: Biker Church, Wrens Resurrection, Deadend Cool, Helicopter Fans, Lady Susan, Superficial Updike, and Daily Show Grace

1. Right off the bat, an amazing video (on multiple levels), which happens to feature the coolest pulpit I’ve ever seen. We need more of this: Biker Church from Lucid Inc. on Vimeo. 2. All evidence above to the contrary, “coolness” can be a very cruel mistress. In fact, in terms of identity markers, I […]

Long Suffering, Teary-Eyed, Catch-Playing Fathers (and Their Grateful Children)

A couple of post-Father’s Day items to make us all cry. The first comes from Tiffany Thompson and appeared in The Toronto Standard, a funny, honest, and ultimately incredibly touching account of a father-daughter relationship “Disappointing Dad: Reflections on Father’s Day”. One part Protestant guilt, three parts Grace equals more than an echo of heavenly […]

John Updike on Children’s Feet and the Repose of Grace

Came across this passage in a volume of John Updike’s short stories: Last night I was coming back from across the street, fresh from an impromptu civic lamentation with a neighbor at how unsightly, now that the snow was melted, the awkward-shaped vacant lot the bulldozers had left looked, with its high raw embankment gouged […]

Updike at 19

From the fascinating article “John Updike At Work” in this past Monday’s NY Times, the late great author writing to his parents at age 19 (ht CWZ): “We do not need men like Proust or Joyce; men like this are a luxury, an added fillip that an abundant culture can produce only after the more […]

John Updike (1932-2009)

In memory of the great author, who died today, here are his Seven Stanzas at Easter, written in 1960: Make no mistake: if He rose at allit was as His body;if the cells’ dissolution did not reverse, the moleculesreknit, the amino acids rekindle,the Church will fall. It was not as the flowers,each soft Spring recurrent;it […]