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CrossFit for the End Times: Or, Why Is There No Pauline Hip-Hop?

This one comes to us from new Mbird contributor Jack Sharman: Pastors and motivational speakers often link sports-vocabulary with works-righteousness, both intentionally and accidentally. And you can hardly blame them. Public displays of religious affection — or affectation — are grist for the mill of cultural, legal and sports commentators. Witness the tight end who […]

Erasmus, Dallas Willard and the Renovation of the Gospel

This past week, I have been re-reading The Captivation of the Will, Gerhard Forde’s book on Luther’s debate with Erasmus, while (almost) simultaneously listening to a “Tough Questions” interview that took place at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church with Dallas Willard (ht CR). In doing so, I was reminded of the words of Ecclesiastes yet again, […]