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A Pop Culture Christmas List – but Seriously

Kicking off our year-end wrap-ups, here’s one from our esteemed podcaster in the field, Paul Zahl: Thinking about Dickens’ novella “The Haunted Man” and remembering the impact of that unusual Christmas story in a sermon many Christmas Eves ago in a galaxy far far away, I began to collect in my mind some top-ten Christmas […]

PZ’s Podcast: Another Unread Author – But Wait! Hear Me Out

EPISODE 16 I’ve written before about John Ford’s amazing 1953 movie The Sun Shines Bright, and have been showing that movie to people since the late 1970s. It’s not on DVD but a nice VHS copy does exist. You can, however, order a DVD copy of Ford’s earlier Judge Priest, starring Will Rogers; as well […]

From Irvin S. Cobb & John Ford: Judge Priest Preaching in The Sun Shines Bright

Here is a wonderful quote on preaching, from Irvin S. Cobb’s short story from 1914 entitled The Lord Provides. John Ford made this scene the climax of his 1953 masterpiece, The Sun Shines Bright. But the original, below, is purest Gospel, at least as I see it. Others of Cobb’s early-period short stories attain something […]

Three Nice Christian Judges: Why Are They Struggling With The Church?

Three judges are in my mind today. They are the creations of literary craftsmen of the Twentieth Century, and each does his judging in the context of a ‘Christian’ social order, a small town of ‘middle-America’. Each knows his Bible backwards and forwards, each quotes it with zest, and each dispenses mercy from the bench. […]