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The Top Ten Films of 2015

2015 has produced the most balanced mixture of high quality blockbusters and enraptured indie films that I can remember in recent years. In forfeiting control of some of its biggest franchises to more capable auteurs, Hollywood saw the successful resurgence of some of its most popular franchises with Creed, Jurassic World, and Star Wars: The […]

Mining Netflix: A Baller’s Sanctification in Linsanity

You didn’t have to be a basketball fan to know what “Linsanity” was in 2012, you just needed a pulse. When an athlete like Jeremy Lin surfaces, the whole world can’t help but oogle for a minute or two. Jeremy Lin, undoubtedly, earned the rights to that cagey nickname because, plainly, “insanity” was the only […]

Mining Netflix: Love Is Kind of Like Crazy

This one comes to us from Netflix aficionado/guru Joe Nooft: It’s over. The carnage is finished. Some blood may have been shed, but we made it; we survived. Yes, Valentine’s Day came and went. Your sentiment to its 362 day hibernation probably banks on your personal Facebook status, or maybe the functionality of your love […]

Mining Netflix: Welcome to Pine Hill, Who Are You?

Another issue from Joe Nooft. “I’m from where people get shot on a regular basis, and it’s nothing.” That place is not Pine Hill. No, Pine Hill is tranquil, painted with gold beams of sunlight that singe through a thick forest canopy, and where the bluebird song saturates the crisp air. In Pine Hill the […]