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PZ’s Podcast: Son This Is She

Episode 211: Son, This Is She There is this amazing supposed contrast between the God Who comes to us from without, and the God Who speaks to us from within. Historic Christianity generally hears the First. Eastern religion generally hears the second. Personally, I hear both — by which I mean, a lot of Love […]

Touched by an Angel: The Divinely Square Joe Meek

Quite a bit of the current hoopla surrounding legendary 60s British record producer Joe Meek concentrates on his life and persona at the expense of the music itself. That is, the personal facts, which are definitely interesting (extremely interesting, even) have overshadowed the man’s super-normal (and I have no problem saying, supernatural) gift for hearing […]

PZ’s Podcast Unreleased and Bonus Material I&II: Can Anything Good Come Out of Meeksville?

A few curios to share before we reach the much-anticipated Episode 100. Don’t forget about the PZ’s Podcast Reception taking place at 6:30pm on Friday 4/20, as part of our NYC Conference (the event is open to listeners everywhere). Unreleased PZ: Can Anything Good Come Out of Meeksville? This one came from the vaults — […]

The Five Top Singles of All Time – Paul Zahl

My friend Ray Ortlund sent me a mix of 957 rock ‘n roll singles. I listen to it every morning when I run. Ray’s inspired mix seems to cover just about every top-forty hit that was ever made. Today I got to number 957. Then it hit me! Here are the top five singles of […]