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Another Week Ends: Aging Presidents, Reusable Grocery Bags, the Soul of Pixar, Zero-Sum Happiness, Bad Good Books, Bomb Threats, and the Joy of Being Cancelled

1. There’s much ado about cancel culture going around the web these past two weeks. The New York Times has a pair of profiles on the new morality forming in certain circles of left-leaning activism, though to observe it on the political left is not to say that it doesn’t happen everywhere else, including the […]

Thoughts on a Speeding Ticket

As soon as I came around the bend, I saw the trooper see me and jump into her cruiser. I hadn’t been paying attention to the speedometer as I hurried home, with my wife and children, from my parents’ house. Instead, I’d been engaging in one of my favorite pastimes: criticizing my wife for failing […]

The F-Word

The word “Fundamentalist” has become the new “F-word” in many parts of American Society. Nobody wants to be called a “fundamentalist” because that is to associate yourself with crazy people like Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones or Islamic Terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Over the last 100 years the word “fundamentalist” has gone through four major transformations […]