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Relevant Irrelevance: Poetry and Grace in a Zeitgeist of ‘More’

We have Connor Gwin to thank for the following reflection. There is something happening in America. The pace of life has increased to an almost breakneck speed. New technology allows people to be working all the time – pardon me as I check my Apple Watch – while new social media networks allow people to […]

Subway Mayhem and the Lostness of Identity

On my way to JFK after leaving the Mockingbird Conference I ended up on the wrong train. Not knowing that there are two trains that share a track, instead of ending up at the airport I ended up in Queens. Standing on the platform feeling a little lost and very alone, I noticed something relevant. […]

Another Week Ends: Mad Men, Glee, Gladwell on Xmas, Atheists, The Rodfather, Supermodels, TK and One Step Beyond

1. In Television. Part 2 of The Daily Beast’s interview with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner contained another smattering of gems, including [Spoiler alert, ht Ron Flowers]: The Daily Beast: Is the [JFK] assassination the event that finally pushes Betty away and into the arms of Henry Francis (Christopher Stanley)? Weiner: Henry was the only […]

Another Week Ends: Mr. Fox, Mad Men, Wikipedia and Care Bears

1. Happy Fantastic Mr Fox day! My wife and I had the pleasure of attending a live interview with director Wes Anderson and actor Jason Schwartzman earlier this week. I’m proud to report that the second the Q&A opened to the wider audience, my wife’s hand shot up and she asked the question on everyone’s […]