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Big Foot Called My Unicorn an Antinomian: The Double-Bind of the Law – Jady Koch

Week two of conference video begins! This time with the inimitable Dr. Koch:

You may download the recording of this talk by clicking here. To read the post upon which this talk was partly based, go here. He also references this one at some length.

“Wake me up inside…” (part 5b): Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Reconciliation (iv.1.58)

(iv.1.58.4 cont.) In the doctrine of reconciliation humanity is not only confronted with the positive side of the truths in Jesus Christ, but also the negative side of the truth of sin in the world initiated by humanity and its victim. By Jesus’ atoning work, God reconciles covenant breaking humanity to Himself by Himself. Consequently, […]

Spiritual, Not Religious (and Vice Versa)

A new poll published in USA Today yesterday reveals the 72% of “millennials” consider themselves more “spiritual than religious”. The article is worth reading, sort of – haven’t we been hearing about this for decades? A couple of takeaways include: “The more precisely you try to measure their Christianity, the fewer you find committed to […]

Monday Afternoon Links: Faith & Works & She & Him (plus The Joan-Girl)

1. Run don’t walk to Lutheran Theology and read our very own JDK‘s “A Brief Introduction To Faith And Works”. It’s a stunning accomplishment and a great “next step” for those of you interested in the theology which informs our perspective. Bravo! One stirring excerpt from the end: “Only work done in the faith and […]