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Never the Same Twice: Grace and the (Divinely) Inspired World of Jazz

What I would really like to have been, given a perfect world, is a jazz pianist. I mean jazz. I don’t mean rock and roll. I mean the never-the-same-twice music the American black people gave the world. — Kurt Vonnegut For decades, a legendary trumpeter has taught an Improvisational Jazz course at the University of […]

The Man Who Ate with Capon

Robert Farrar Capon is dead. That means, by necessity, he is now a finite resource post September 5th, 2013. I had read a little of him previous to that date, heard him referenced and quoted by people I respected. His death prompted, as things like that often do, a serious search for his books, many […]

To Hope! A Celebration: In Memory of Dave Brubeck

In 1995, the late, legendary jazz pianist Dave Brubeck did something not terribly jazzy. He conducted a choral Mass which he had written, entitled “To Hope! A Celebration“, from his piano at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Some would say that the piece sums up Brubeck’s Christian faith. You have to bear with it […]