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Same Crisis, New Ailment: On Rewarding Bad Behavior

This post on the infidelity of the inner-lawyer comes from Jason Redcay. I believe it was Rod Rosenbladt that said we’re all natural born lawyers. We know the Law well—it is written on our very hearts. We can delineate good from bad, friend from foe, enough from not enough, and we’re especially adept when it […]

Awake, 50/50 Hypocrisy, and Christian Progress

This piece comes from Mockingbird friend Jason Redcay. After I became a Christian, I still thought Christians were hypocrites. Like anyone, our standing before the Law reveals hypocrisies in spades. And yet a Christian is said to be sanctified, made good, holy, righteous… a saint when they are still so obviously, well, not. How can […]

Would Jesus Drive a Pink Cadillac? Mary Kay’s Warm Chatter and the Confessions of a Contact Evangelist

Another one from Mbirder Jason Redcay: I recently heard a story on The Moth Radio Hour about Jen Lee, an amateur evangelist and Mary Kay Cosmetics saleswoman searching for souls and customers in the aisles of a Target store (if you’re not familiar with the amazing work being done by The Moth, you can find […]

Gerhard Forde, Walter White and Aggressive vs. Passive Death (and Resurrection!)

This one comes to us from Mockingbird friend Jason Redcay: I’m in the middle of both reading Gerhard Forde’s Justification by Faith: A Matter of Death and Life and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. It’s quite a combo. And it has me thinking about how addicted we are to our notions of free will and […]