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George Eliot on Exhortation and Helplessness

Also from “Janet’s Repentance” in Scenes of Clerical Life. Janet Dempster, in a moment of absolute despair, suddenly remembers the minister, Mr. Tryan. She gets the inspiration that maybe he can help her: “No! She suddenly thought — and the thought was like an electric shock — there was one spot in her memory which […]

A Sympathy That Predominates: Some Anglican Evangelicals in Literature

A companion piece to this week’s episodes of PZ’s Podcast, which deal with the Protestant (architectural) face of Anglicanism: There are few sympathetic portrayals in literature of Anglican or Episcopal clergy who are Evangelicals. Most novelists have described Anglican Evangelical clergy as self-righteous, puritanical, and hypocritical. The classic portrayals are ‘Mr. Slope’ in Trollope’s Barchester […]