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Stories of Grace and Ethan Richardson’s This American Gospel

In an article from The Atlantic, Cody C. Delistraty writes about the psychological comforts of storytelling. He writes, “Stories can be a way for humans to feel that we have control over the world. They allow people to see patterns where there is chaos, meaning where there is randomness.” He also says stories can impact […]

A Story of the Unexpected: “Just What I Wanted” from This American Life

This American Life’s recent Christmas episode, about gifts, told stories of mostly bad news: two of the three segments were about characters realizing that the thing they most wanted was bankrupt of what they actually needed. They were about expectations and disappointments, about human longing and our tendency to put our faith in the wrong things. The first segment, however–the […]

Pitcher Gone to Pasture: The Incurable Mystery of Steve Blass

A pitcher is the only man in baseball who can properly look on the ball as being his instrument, his accomplice. He is the only player who is granted the privilege of making offensive plans, and once the game begins he is (with the catcher) the only on the field who knows what is meant […]

Another Week Ends: This American Life’s 500th, Dustin Hoffman’s Female Perspective, Midlife Crises, Man-Children, Spitzer, and Chickens

1) Heather Havrilesky, at it again, this time over at Aeon. Writing from the perspective of a “successful” middle-ager, she describes how nothing can really be enough nowadays. The avenues for comparison are as numerous as the avenues for self-expression. She has this to say about her own experiences: This is the shape my mid-life […]

Another Week Ends: Snowden Psychology, Child Stars Grown Up, Sleep Perfomance, the Science of Risk-Management, and Ira Glass on Jesus Freaks

1) I guess the graduation speeches were of quite the well-suited ilk this year—fitted more for the heart and less the diploma. Jonathan Safran-Foer spoke at Middlebury’s graduation (the transcript was then printed for the Times), and talked a lot about today’s ease of communication and, thus, today’s relational retreat. Entitled “How Not To Be […]

From This American Life: When Freedom Means Getting Caught

This comes from Jonathan Adams, co-pastor at Village Church Vinings in Atlanta, GA. A few Saturdays back I was taking my weekend run and listening to my favorite radio show This American Life.   This time it was Episode 477: “Getting Away With It.” Famous host Ira Glass had just finished the Prologue and already […]

The Beautiful Identity Crisis of Radiolab

“Comfort zone” speak is generally relegated to those who live life, you know, really take it on. I’m reminded of the crew of bros driving that snazzy Cadillac ATS full bore through those Chinese mountain tunnels and laughing and talking about the extremeness of it all. Those guys, the ones who relish taking jumps over […]

Now Available! This American Gospel: Public Radio Parables and the Grace of God

The wait is over! Ethan Richardson’s This American Gospel: Public Radio Parables and the Grace of God, Mockingbird’s newest book on the market, is available online here. For those lovers of all things public radio, all things Ira Glass, those in love with a good story–all of the above, none of the above–looking for a […]

This American Life and The Foolish Wisdom of God

Are you an NPR junkie? Do you never jones for public radio human interest stories, but feel peace knowing you’re not the only one telling hardness-of-life, love-of-God stories week after week? In other words, are you a This American Life listener? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This American Gospel: Public Radio Parables […]

Another Week Ends: DFW50, Simpsons 500, Ira Talks Radiolab, Rowling Talks New Novel, Helpless Women, Helpless Kids, Lenten Identity, Cormac McCarthy Pictionary

All the best wishes for those mockingbirds at the Liberate Conference in Fort Lauderdale this weekend, including our very own David Zahl. 1. Along with the rest of the blogosphere this week, we wish David Foster Wallace a happy 50th birthday. There’s too many blessings to recount, but the web has exploded with numerous avenues […]

One of Us Cannot Be Wrong (I Told You So)

You know you’re listening to something pretty magnificent when both Ira Glass and St. Augustine get a nod. Kathyrn Schulz’s TED talk from 2011 is precisely such an instance. Her subject is one that we know (too) well: human fallibility and the art of being wrong. Up until a year or so ago, she chronicled […]

Ira Glass on Failure, Empathy and the Importance of Being Wrong

In her now sadly defunct “Wrong Stuff” series on Slate, Kathryn Schulz, the author of Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error, interviewed high-profile artists, academics and others about the experience of being wrong. If you haven’t read her Q&A with the late Chuck Colson (of Watergate and Prison Fellowship fame), it’s a great […]