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Must-See TV, The Fourth Wall and Narcissism

From Mockingbird behind-the-scenes guru Jeff Dean: It’s official: the fourth wall no longer exists in NBC’s Thursday night’s “must-see” line-up. The returning shows are the most flagrant examples. On Community, Abed constantly references what it means to be a sitcom. Thursday he critiqued the episode as a season premiere. 30 Rock is already a TV […]

Slumdog Millionaire and American Self-Reliance

In last Saturday’s New York Times, Anand Giridharadas wrote an interesting article about Slumdog Millionaire and the American Dream of self-reliance, the full text of which can be found here: “…the film’s freshness lies not just in how the West sees India. It lies, too, in how Indians see themselves. It portrays a changing India, […]