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Another Week Ends: Victim Purity, Atheologies, CCM, HuffPost, Clutter Craze, and Brad Bird

1) One of the books on the Mockingbird bookshelf right now is Violence Unveiled, by Gil Bailie, which looks into the philosophy of René Girard. A prime focus of the book stems from Girard’s “Violence and the Sacred,” where Girard looks at the cross of Christ as the origin of human concern for ‘the victim.’ […]

Another Week Ends: Millennial Churchmice, Papal Forgetfulness, Meaningful Happiness, Postpartem Mirrors, Teaser Culture, Michael Vick, Anthony Weiner, and TV on the Radio

1. The question of why millennials are leaving the church came back into public view this week via an opinion piece by Rachel Held Evans on CNN, the key line being, “What millennials really want from the church is not a change in style but a change in substance.” Accessibility and format are not really […]

Another Week Ends: Forgiveness, Giving Trees, Therapists, and Aging with Grace

1. Forgiveness and apology seems to be a theme in the news as of late, or at least it was prior to Monday’s heartbreaking news from Boston. CNN’s belief blog highlighted the story of one man’s quest to forgive and restore the man who killed his brother when they were teens. I found the story […]

Another Week Ends: Taylor Swift, Tragedy’s Tragedy, Friday Night Faith, Crises of Boredom, and More November Haidt

David Zahl is finishing up his paternity leave this week. Congratulations amigo! Love to you and yours. 1) In his “Life of Reilly” magazine series, ESPN’s Rick Reilly covered a hummer of a story about one of the most backwards high school football games in history, in which there were “rivers running uphill” and “cats […]

Spiritual But Not Religious? Some Thoughts on the New Spirituality

This post comes from Mockingbird friend Lynn MacDougall: I don’t even call myself a Christian,” he added. “Spirituality is the word we engage with more. We’re fans of faith, no religion. We’re just writing songs that ask questions. Sometimes the best way to go about exploring a question, things we wouldn’t necessarily talk about in […]

Another Week Ends: DFW50, Simpsons 500, Ira Talks Radiolab, Rowling Talks New Novel, Helpless Women, Helpless Kids, Lenten Identity, Cormac McCarthy Pictionary

All the best wishes for those mockingbirds at the Liberate Conference in Fort Lauderdale this weekend, including our very own David Zahl. 1. Along with the rest of the blogosphere this week, we wish David Foster Wallace a happy 50th birthday. There’s too many blessings to recount, but the web has exploded with numerous avenues […]

Another Week Ends: Frictionless Sharing, Death Penalty, Modern Family, Community, Indie Bias, Maurice Sendak, Wilco and Walker Percy

1. A rather frightening article on Slate about Mark Zuckerberg’s proposed “frictionless sharing” entitled, “Not Sharing Is Caring.” As per usual, the vehicle in the world with the most potential for transparency continues to foster its exact opposite. Facebook is just the vehicle, of course, not the cause, but still… to mention escalating narcissism at […]

I, a Rabid Anti-Christian, Very Suddenly Convert

Brian Martin is a friend of Mockingbird, a pastor in Indiana, and a guy who understands Jesus as the Friend of Sinners and the Man of Sorrows in a very direct, visceral, personal and alive fashion.

He sends us today this stunning conversion story from The Huffington Post of all places. Should definitely resonate with the folks here. Read it now!

Another Week Ends: Last Words, Scientologists, The Onion, John Hughes

1. A very powerful piece on the NY Times Freakonomics blog about the last words uttered by prisoners on death row. After listing a number of examples from a Texas execution site, the author discusses how last words have come to be understood as “Kantian Moments”: [Speaking one’s last words] is an almost-perfectly Kantian moment, […]

More Choices = Unhappiness?

This past weekend one of the Op-Ed pieces in The NY Times caught my eye. Maureen Dowd’s column, entitled “Blue Is the New Black”, focused on the trend that women have grown unhappier since the 1970s. She cites “the General Social Survey, which has tracked Americans’ mood since 1972, and five other major studies around […]