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The Wonderfully Puzzling Honesty of Early Retirement

For sports fans, retirement is a sensitive subject. Early retirement is particularly touchy though. As fans, we long to see our favorite players exercise their talent for as long as possible. Early retirement usually occurs as a result of something rather serious, like an injury or a crime–it rarely happens by way of a willful decision. […]

Flannery O’Connor on Honesty

A quick one from a letter she wrote in 1958 to friend and playwright Maryat Lee, which can be found on pg 283 of The Habit of Being:

“This thing of demanding honesty of people is in the upper reaches of extreme Innocence. The only people of whom you can demand honesty are those you pay to get it from. When you ask [someone] to be honest with you, you are asking him to act like God, whom he is not, but whom he makes some attempt to be like in giving you what you want, and it doesn’t make him show up too well, of course. Never, above all things, ask your family to be honest with you. This is putting a strain on the human frame it can’t bear. [A person’s] honesty is only honesty, not truth, and it can’t be of much value to you intellectually or otherwise. To love people you have to ignore a good deal of what they say while they are being honest, because you are not living in the Garden of Eden any longer. The last thing I find I want of my kinfolks is their honesty. Oeeewarrrrhggghhh.”


Glennon Doyle Melton Drops Her Weapons and Steps Out of Her Armor

With a criminal record and a history with drugs and alcoholism, Glennon Doyle Melton was having a hard time landing even a volunteering job. Despite her father’s suggestion that maybe “there [were] some things [she] should take to the grave,” Melton decided that she didn’t want to hide any part of her story, she wanted […]

Nobody Knows Yourself When You’re Down and Out: Kierkegaard on the Mirage of Health

From his Sickness unto Death, a passage where Kierkegaard compares spiritual sickness – i.e. despair – to physical unhealth, and then diagnoses seemingly everyone with a degree of this condition, even those who believe themselves healthy: This observation will no doubt strike many as paradoxical, an exaggeration, and a gloomy and discouraging view besides. Yet […]

Rudolf Bultmann on Honesty, Grace and Self-Regard

In honor of the 125th anniversary of much-debated Lutheran theologian Rudolf Bultmann’s birthday, the following are excepts from a sermon he preached on August 4th, 1940. “Psychology has shown us how the natural need for recognition, if suppressed, can assume morbid developments, and how a human life may be ruined and brought to disaster if […]