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Does Hockey Have a Soul? Thoughts on a Cruciform Zamboni

Here’s one from hockey enthusiast, our friend, Scott Dalton. If you’ve been paying much attention this season to ESPN’s commentary on the NHL, this article may have caught you off guard. In the seemingly endless stream of ESPN’s NHL news, there sits an article written by John Buccigross that attempts to tap into the spirituality […]

Hockey Rocky: Imputation and All-Star John Scott

A doozie of a story from the wild world of sports last Sunday as John Scott took the ice in NHL hockey’s 2016 All-Star game. To bring you up to speed, the trixy hobbits of the internet got involved with the sport’s All-Star voting this year, where top voted hockey players would be sent to […]

Of Cold War Hate and Miracles on Ice

Here’s another (timely) sports piece from Howie Espenshied. Any time the US faces Russia in Olympic men’s ice hockey, as they did on February 15th, the “Miracle on Ice” game in Lake Placid, NY in 1980 is brought to mind. This one ended much the way that one did, with the US securing a dramatic […]