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The Kicker: Steve Brown on Hidden Agendas and the Fondness of Christ

In preparation for our upcoming conference in Tyler, TX (next week!), we’ve pulled the following excerpt from our archives (originally published over at Key Life). Here, conference speaker Dr. Steve Brown discusses hidden agendas and the distinctly un-sneaky love of God: Some seriously misguided Christians once called a Jewish friend of mine a “Christ killer.” When […]

“Already Obedient”: Steve Brown and Imputation

With our conference in Tyler, TX, just around the corner (4/5-6), here’s a teaser for one of our speakers, the illustrious Steve Brown. This one comes from his book Hidden Agendas: Dropping the Masks That Keep Us Apart, which he wrote after he’d finally “lived long enough and sinned big enough,” after he left pastoring his […]

Hopelessly Devoted: First John Chapter Four Verse Nineteen

Another great find from Luke Mackinnon, reading Steve Brown’s newest book, Hidden Agendas. Steve Brown’s Hidden Agendas is a summer deep cleanse for the soul. He invites his readers to rip off their masks to “discover how God’s love propels us into the real relationships we thought we’d never have,” that we genuinely accept God’s […]