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Surprise! Issue 17 is Available for Pre-Order

What is the kingdom of God? Jesus does not speak of a reorganization of society as a political possibility or of the doctrine of salvation as a doctrine. He speaks of what it is like to find a diamond ring that you thought you’d lost forever. He speaks of what it is like to win the Irish Sweepstakes. He suggests rather than spells out. He evokes rather than explains. He catches by surprise.

– Frederick Buechner

The latest issue of The Mockingbird magazine is available for pre-order! Magazines will ship by the end of April.

In this issue, we reflect on surprises of all sorts. We remember the times when our plans were foiled by romance, tragedy, and, yes, a pandemic. We investigate the surprise that Christianity (a religion staked literally on the body of a crucified convict) should exist at all.

Special guest content from Oliver Burkeman, Helena Dea Bala, Leslie Jamison, Liz Tichenor, and C. Kavin Rowe, plus new writing by Sarah Condon, Charlotte Getz, David Zahl, and more. See full contents below!

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When the Solution is to Listen: The Timely Reminder of Helena Dea Bala’s Craigslist Confessional

“People Needed to Talk. … They Needed to Get Things off their Chests. Truly, to Vent.”