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Another Week Ends: Spoiled Kids, Harvard Perfectionism, KKKlan Grace, Lonergan’s Lament, Negative Thinking, Mormonism, Golf Ethics, Sorkinisms, and Fall Conference Update

1. Over at The New Yorker, Elizabeth Kolbert surveyed the latest swath of parenting books, asking the question “Why Are American Kids So Spoiled?” Much of the article reiterates what we’ve been hearing with alarming frequency the past couple years, namely that the current “helicopter/snowplow” culture of control is backfiring, royally. It’s an honest if […]

Another Week Ends: Blue Like Jazz, Youth Ministry, Franzen, Facebook, and Harvard Grads

Filling in for DZ this week as the Mockingbird Conference is now in full swing! 1. Our very own Cameron Cole wrote a wonderful piece on youth ministry over at The Gospel Coalition, highlighting its strong tendency toward legalism and making a plea for a gospel-centered youth ministry. Wanting validation for their tireless labor, youth […]

Can Anything Good Come From Harvard? The (In)Auspicious Origins of Jeremy Lin

The Reformers, specifically Martin Luther, often talked about God working in unexpected ways. Luther called this work of God sub contrario, that is, “under the opposite.” God, in other words, is most often found working in the thing that looks the opposite of what we would expect. As evidence, we can look to Biblical stories […]

Ralph Waldo Emerson Almost Didn’t Go Back to Church

The original American Transcendentalist, son of a minister, describes what happens when the pulpit becomes a reality-free zone in what is probably the most sympathetic passage of his infamous Divinity School Address. He might have been heading in a discomforting direction, but the image he paints here is indelible, ht RB: I once heard a […]

PZ’s Podcast: The Phoenix Club

EPISODE 39 Here is a memory I’ve kept under wraps for 40 years, and it’s not a bad one. The success of The Social Network has put The Phoenix Club of Harvard College so boldly on the map, that if I didn’t talk about it now, the “very stones would cry out”. PZ was there. […]

‘Tis Better to Give Than to Receive…Or So They Say!

During this time of year I am always reminded that it is better to give then to receive. Not because it’s what we’re supposed to do, but because I feel good when I give and I have a hard time receiving. For years my family and friends have thought my giving/receiving theory was neurotic, but […]

(More) David Foster Wallace on Depression

From the recently published book-length interview Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: “I’m not biochemically depressed. But I feel like I got to dip my toe in that wading pool and, um, not going back there is more important to me than anything… It’s worse than any kind of physical injury, or any […]

Michael Crichton: Traveler

One of the most prolific science-fiction and thriller writers of our generation, Michael Crichton appeals to a mass audience. Perhaps his most interesting book, however, is completely overlooked. In 1988 he published Travels, a sort-of autobiography about his…well, travels, both external and internal. It is absolutely fascinating. He has experiences with things that I find […]

Superhero Undergraduates and the Culture of Overachievement

From a rather frightening article in the recent Harvard Alumni Magazine entitled “Nonstop: Today’s Undergraduates Do 3,000 Things At 150 Percent”. We talk a lot on this site about the perils/realities of achievement-based identity (justification by works), yet after reading this article, one honestly wonders how much further we as Americans can take it. While […]

J.K. Rowling on the Fringe Benefits of Failure

As I was searching the wonderful TED archive of talks the other day, I came across the address that author J.K Rowling gave at Harvard Commencement in 2008. (Aside – the TED site/community is a great resource IMO and very much worth your time). I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books and am […]

"Harvard’s Crisis of Faith"

I read this article on this morning and thought it was worth sharing. There is a debate on Harvard’s campus over whether or not the school should require undergrad students to take at least one class on religion during their time there. Read it here. It is a helpful reminder of how the secular […]

The micro-gospel

An interesting blog post with a challenging idea: Can you summarize the gospel in 10 words or less? According to the article, here’s the point of the exercise: Just like a book title doesn’t explain all 75,000 words in a novel…Neither does a tiny summary of the gospel explain the complex nature of salvation found […]