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PZ’s Podcast: Dr. Syn and Hysteria

Episode 183: Dr. Syn Oh, to encounter an integrated minister! We all want to be integrated — to be ourselves in the pulpit and also out of it. But it’s tricky to pull off. Pharisaical elements in the church — usually one or two individuals in the parish, who are present — unconsciously — in […]

PZ’s Podcast: Dualism Clinic with Dennis Wheatley (plus, the Ending of The Devil Rides Out)

EPISODE 182 It’s not that one’s “dialing back” on insights hard won from the last five years. No, it’s just that you have to be true to the whole of experience. And experience teaches that monism — the “bulk” picture of what we see and face — requires an element of enhancement. That element comes under the heading […]

The Hammer and The Cross

Episode 17 of PZ’s Podcast! It’s not the hammer and the sickle. It’s not the red crescent. It’s not even the Cross and the crown. It’s the Hammer and the Cross! This week’s podcast talks about the Christian symbolism in the Hammer Horror films. They came from England, starting around 1955 with the ‘Quatermass’ movies […]