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The King in Purple: Cosmic Horror and the Cosmic Christ

Solving the Riddle of God Posed by H.P. Lovecraft.

Fear and the Reality of Horror, Part 1

Is there a place for fear in Christianity? And if there is, what value does the horror genre bring to the Christian life? To answer these questions we must uncover what sort of world it is we inhabit, and we mustn’t be too hasty in presuming to already know. For if the world is a […]

Ian & Blake’s Terrifying Top Fives: The Scariest Short Stories for the Halloween Season

Welcome once again to Ian and Blake’s annual Halloween series about a genre that does what few others can. Here’s this year’s final spooky top-five! Before you dive in, make sure you don’t miss last week’s installment on the best introductions to horror for kids. 5. “Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad” by M.R. James […]

In the Event of a Cosmic Horror, Pt. 6: The End (Is Not The End)

When I first decided to put this series together, I was planning on using several different sources as jumping off points for each post. But the more I consulted Eugene Thacker’s In the Dust of This Planet: Horror of Philosophy vol. 1, the more I realized how essential it was to providing a solid foundation […]

In the Event of a Cosmic Horror, Pt. 4: The Apparition

Have you ever had an experience with a ghost or spirit? Odds are, like most haunted house movies, the set up involved an unfamiliar setting and a kid, or kids. They are more willing to ‘expect the unexpected’ after all. For instance, perhaps you can imagine a situation in a house in the middle of […]

In the Event of a Cosmic Horror, Pt 1

This one comes to us from new contributor Blake Collier: I am, currently, on the cusp of finishing thirty-one straight days of watching slasher films for my annual October horror film marathon. I decided to do a chronological cross-section of the slasher sub-genre from Psycho (1960), the film that most influenced the slasher film, to […]

PZ’s Podcast: Flowers for Algernon I&II

Episode 102: Flowers for Algernon I Algernon Blackwood, who died in 1951, wrote some of the best tales of supernatural horror that have ever been written. He is often compared to H. P. Lovecraft, who admired Blackwood’s stories; and paired with Arthur Machen, who wrote in the same genre at about the same time. In […]