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Brene Brown and the End of Shame (See: Nazarene Carpenter)

One of the best things about moving to Houston, Texas, a year ago (other than the Mexican food and Blue Bell ice cream) is that I now live in the same town as Brené Brown. As such, I’ve been able to hear her twice: once as a speaker at the church where I work and […]

Another Week Ends: Fans and Debtors, Reverse Psychology, Brooks on Merit Power, Batman and Walter White, Spousal Surveillance and Christian Technology

1. From The Atlantic comes “Why Being an Obsessed Soccer Fan Can Make You Really, Really Happy,” a look into the camaraderie of fandom–which seems simple enough–but not only does fandom give purpose and an unusual chance to breach the confines of self-interest, it also provokes inclusion by way of exclusivity. People have the opportunity, […]

Nobody Knows Yourself When You’re Down and Out: Kierkegaard on the Mirage of Health

From his Sickness unto Death, a passage where Kierkegaard compares spiritual sickness – i.e. despair – to physical unhealth, and then diagnoses seemingly everyone with a degree of this condition, even those who believe themselves healthy: This observation will no doubt strike many as paradoxical, an exaggeration, and a gloomy and discouraging view besides. Yet […]

Cooperating Under Duress: Your Brain’s Law Lobe Discovered!

Alice Walton at the medicine blog The Doctor Will See You Now recently posted an article about the human’s capacity for cooperation, claiming that it’s not just a morality-encumbered phenomenon when we do (or don’t do) what we ought, but a neurological one. Traditional wisdom has held that “rewards-based” nodes of our brains light up […]

When You Encounter the Spirit (You May Not Like It)

I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy of Simeon Zahl’s Pneumatology and Theology of the Cross in the Preaching of Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt: The Holy Spirit Between Wittenberg and Azusa Street. He has some truly trenchant things to say about the work of the Holy Spirit and its relationship to preaching. […]

Frusen Glädjé: "ENJOY THE GUILT."

I wonder if any of you remember Frusen Glädjé, the original yuppie gourmet ice cream? Best name and packaging of all time. It was huge in NYC right around the time when TAB was pioneering important ground in the world of diet cola. If memory serves me correctly, it was awesome stuff, and my parents […]

Frank Lake on Clinical Theology, True Guilt and the Pardoxical Impasse of Success

It seems to me that a staple of Christian life–even if we aren’t willing to admit it!–is the phenomenon of “feeling guilty”. Even though we know our sins have been forgiven, we still feel guilty, sometimes even more guilty than we might otherwise feel. This applies to any number of things, from wasting far too […]