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Brand-New Book and an Advent Sermon by John Zahl

We’re happy to announce another Mbird-friendly book out now: friend and Mbird contributor John Zahl‘s new sermon collection from Grace Church, Charleston, titled Sermons of Grace! We can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s available for purchase on Amazon here. The sermon below is the book’s opener and a great beginning to Advent, first given on Dec 1, 2013. Prepare the […]

Self-Knowledge and the Steelers

I’m a huge Steelers fan. I come by it honestly, having lived in Pittsburgh for three years while I was in seminary. Yet I’ve recently noticed that rooting for the Steelers really throws my lack of sanctification into sharp relief. Before last week’s AFC Championship game against the hometown Jets (my parish, though in New […]

Frusen Glädjé: "ENJOY THE GUILT."

I wonder if any of you remember Frusen Glädjé, the original yuppie gourmet ice cream? Best name and packaging of all time. It was huge in NYC right around the time when TAB was pioneering important ground in the world of diet cola. If memory serves me correctly, it was awesome stuff, and my parents […]