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The talk titles for our upcoming NYC conference have been finalized. We could not be more excited about them. Truly: Thursday April 15thBishop FitzSimons Allison – “The Word Made Verb: The Rescue of Imputation” Friday April 16th Dr. Rod Rosenbladt – “Martin Luther And The Bound Will: Good News?” Bishop FitzSimons Allison – “The Courage […]

God Gave Rock N Roll To You

Another interesting tidbit last week was the publication in the official Vatican newspaper, L’ Osservatore Romano, of the Top Ten Rock And Pop Albums of all time, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The Beatles’ Revolver got the top spot, MJ’s Thriller made the list (Gott sei dank!), as did Pink Floyd’s Dark Side […]

2010 Mockingbird Conference Details

While you’re enjoying the fruits of our recent mini-conference, we wanted to share a couple of exciting updates about our upcoming conference in New York City, April 15-17th: 1. The preliminary schedule is now posted. Though subject to change (esp Saturday morning), we hope that it will help you in planning your travel. [Updated 2/11/10]. […]