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The Best of Us, "The Americans," Might Be Russian…

The Best of Us, “The Americans,” Might Be Russian…

What’s more important? Figuring out who we serve? Or figuring out whose we are? True confession: I’m not moved much to action or opinion regarding our current political landscape. (This is not a political post; for that to be so, it would presuppose that I much care.) Mid-term primaries in our troubled times don’t interest […]

Raylan's Short Road to Harlan: Why We Are (and Aren't) <i>Justified</i>

Raylan’s Short Road to Harlan: Why We Are (and Aren’t) Justified

Despite FX’s tremendously thorough removal of all things Justified on YouTube, there is still some information in this post about the show’s plot, though nothing substantial, and nothing beyond season two. And though this is really a character profile, I feel obliged…spoiler alert! One of the more frequent complaints about the FX television show Justified […]

Two things I did this weekend... (Beck meets Avatar)

Two things I did this weekend… (Beck meets Avatar)

This weekend I finally got around to seeing Avatar. It’s only been out for a month, but it feels like I’m behind about 95% of the country. I also bought Beck’s Modern Guilt on vinyl. Although the two are seemingly disparate items, I came out of Cameron’s 2.5+ hour Tour d’FX resonating more and more […]