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Long Suffering, Teary-Eyed, Catch-Playing Fathers (and Their Grateful Children)

A couple of post-Father’s Day items to make us all cry. The first comes from Tiffany Thompson and appeared in The Toronto Standard, a funny, honest, and ultimately incredibly touching account of a father-daughter relationship “Disappointing Dad: Reflections on Father’s Day”. One part Protestant guilt, three parts Grace equals more than an echo of heavenly […]

Dullness, Freedom, Children and Fathers in David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King

In honor of what would have been 50th birthday (2/21/12), we thought we’d rerun a post of passages from David Foster Wallace’s unfinished opus The Pale King. If the first one sounds familiar, that’s because part of it was reproduced here. FYI, the second two come from the same character, the one who dropped this […]

Jealousy, Judgment, and Competition in Parenting

I recently stumbled across a fascinating article on entitled “Why Good Dads Make Moms Jealous.” It is a very interesting study on how the law (“you must/you must not ____”) affects and informs parenting, and even divides husbands and wives. One of the factors cited by all of the mothers interviewed for the story […]