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Destined for God-Knows-Where: A Review of Mark Galli’s God Wins

God is all-powerful, and God desires the salvation of every person.  Does God get what God wants? This arresting sentiment from Rob Bell’s controversial Love Wins forms a basis for Bell’s implicit – albeit unstated – universalism. Of course God gets what God wants, but even Bell recognizes that God’s desires and inner motives are […]

Exclusive Interview: Mark Galli of Christianity Today (pt. 2)

Last week we posted part 1 of Mockingbird’s exclusive interview with Mark Galli, Senior Managing Editor of Christianity Today. Galli’s experience—from local pastor, to magazine editor, to columnist, to author—has all reflected and informed his passion for a cross-centered, true-to-life articulation of the Gospel. Part 2 of the interview explores Galli’s view on transformation in […]

Top Ten Lullaby Renditions: Rockabye Baby

Since many of the Mockingbird readers are musically savvy and top ten lists are no stranger to this blog, I thought this could be fun. My wife and I just had our first child in early January and she has received some pretty cool gear. I particularly like her “Jesus is My Homeboy” and KISS […]