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Identity Narratives from the Bathroom Floor

If you’ve never seen The Bachelor (though chances are you probably have), then you’ve missed some of reality TV’s best attempts to turn real people into caricatures. Whether it’s the intention of the contestant, the careful edits of the producers, or a combination of both, every person who steps out of the limo has a cohesive […]

Inspirational Memes and The Real Big Magic

While sipping my morning coffee today, I scrolled past the following inspirational memes on Instagram (sandwiched between hundreds of baby photos and recipes from the paleo/primal nutsos I follow): At first, I felt totally exhilarated: I was inspired, empowered, on top of the world. I’m going to take this day by the freaking saddle! Forget […]

What the Cambodians Wanted to Talk About

Incredible excerpt from an unlikely source, brought to our attention via the most recent episode of PZ’s Podcast. Lots of implications to the “where people actually live” question. Take it away, Ms. Gilbert: I remember a story my friend Deborah the psychologist told me once. Back in the 1980s, she was asked by the city […]

When Balance Becomes a Weapon (Women, You Can Have It All!)

Not often do I get the opportunity to quote my dad on matters other than Alabama football and Fox News, but lately I’ve been turning over in my head two of his favorite axioms: Life isn’t fair and Everybody just CALM DOWN! I grew up under the constant admonition of that first phrase: the awareness […]