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Another Week Ends: Esther Perel, Tourist Photos, Six-Week Church Services, Perfect Products, and Lunch Brushers

1. For those of you who are, like me, already devotees of Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin? podcast, much of her interview with the New Yorker will come as no surprise. On multiple platforms I’ve heard her give this explanation about our current marital malaise, but that doesn’t matter because it’s great: Marriage is […]

Architect: Fellow and Failing ~ Duo Dickinson

Another one from the conference! This talk certainly won the “shock factor” award. From the one and only Duo Dickinson.

Architect: Fellow and Failing ~ Duo Dickinson from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

The Academic Terror Dream

This one comes to us from our terrified academic friend, Duo Dickinson. I am 61 years old. The last time I took a meaningful test was when I took, and passed, the last 2 (of 5) days of licensing exams to become an architect in 1982, 35 years ago. But 20 years of testing from […]

The Big Mo: Feeling and Rationalizing ‘Momentum’

This post comes to us from our friend Duo Dickinson. What is momentum? Soon, we will all hear pundits and political scientists declare that this or that candidate, policy, party or demographic has “momentum”. It’s a tidal surge of inevitability, a groundswell of overwhelming support: it is uniquely human. Animals can stampede, but that is […]

What is Faith?: A Look at the Religiosity of Football Fans

This one was written by the inimitable Duo Dickinson, who recently guested on The Mockingcast. What is faith? For those who are very proud of the absence of faith in anything other than facts, faith is a desirable implication of combined data points: if you are having a picnic you have faith in the “Partly Cloudy” […]

Another Week Ends: Helicopter Parents, Love (Not Actually), Llewyn Davis, Joe Jonas, the Inner-Hamlet, and Why?

1) A week past Black Friday, we’re well into the holiday shopping and the family travel bargaining, and so it’s no surprise that this is also when we find a slew of family sociology on the internet. Exhibit A: Slate’s piece on the Millennial Anxiety and the Helicopter Parent. In it, therapist Brooke Donatone explains […]