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Fathers, Sons, Law, and Grace in August Wilson’s Fences

My mother and father always attempted to instill into me and my brothers an appreciation for culture. Mom was and remains extremely well-read in classic literature, hailing Steinbeck as her favorite; she enjoyed foreign cinema and took me (while in the womb) to an Ingmar Bergman film festival; she could reference renowned plays and decided […]

Unstoppable Frailty

A quick one from Mbird friend and contributor Russ Masterson: I watched Unstoppable last night, Tony Scott (director) and Denzel Washington’s 2009 action/drama about a runaway train (think: formula action flick, trains about to collide, derail, kill thousands). The entire mess, the full-throttled runaway train, is the mistake of one frumpy guy, Dewey, who works […]