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Dear Evan Hansen, I’m Missing Richard Simmons from S-Town, or: A Note from the Outcast

I saw the emotional avalanche that is Dear Evan Hansen two weeks ago, on a yearly childless pilgrimage my husband and I make to the city where we fell in love, and conveniently, where Mockingbird holds an annual conference. Maybe it’s the range and sincerity displayed by headliner Ben Platt, with whose image I am considering […]

Lively Perspective from a Malodorous Corpse: Christian Liberty in Swiss Army Man

This one comes to us from contributor Josh Encinias: Repellent as its non-stop farts, bone crackling, and other embarrassing bodily functions are, Swiss Army Man joins a new tradition of movies, beginning with Jean-Luc Godard’s film Goodbye to Language and Todd Solondz’s Wiener-Dog, that force the viewer to dig deep for empathy, accepting foibles of human will as humanity’s default […]

Theater Criticism and the “Unflagging Sneer”

A great bit from theater guru and friend to Mockingbird, on the blog theaterwords, regarding the ease with which we clamber to the throne of ‘critic’. Such snobbery is quick to dethrone what is commonly popular–even if what is common is commonly known to be good–like Pixar movies! Rock’n’roll! The article weighs the role of […]